Places To Go


Flores offers an anti mainstream travel experience for everyone who keen to extraordinary place to visit, culture to experience and people to live with.

Its breathtaking landscape interest visitor to explore. Without confounding the flood of information about Flores on the net, following list will enrich your information relating to where you may like to go or any activities you interested to attend. Some ready to use trip planing included as a consideration to make your unforgettable lovely trip.

Manggarai (Labuan Bajo, Ruteng and Borong)

Highlights destination

  • Wae Rebo (Traditional Village)
  • Todo (Traditional Village)
  • Komodo (Trekking, Ancient Komodo Dragon, Sightseeing)
  • Pulau Kanawa (Boat trip, Snorkeling)
  • Liang Bua ( Archeological Site)
  • Cancar (Spiderweb Rice Field)


Highlight Destination

  • Bena (Traditional Village)
  • Wogo (Traditional Village)
  • Belaraghi (Traditional Village)
  • Gurusina (Traditional Village)
  • Inerie (Mount Trekking)
  • Soa (Hotspring)


Highlight Destination

  • Snorkeling among 17 Islands
  • Flying Fox Island


Highlight Destination

  • Kelimutu (Three Color Crater Lake)
  • Tiwu Sora (Natural Lake)
  • Wolotopo (Lionese Traditional Village)


Highlight Destination

  • Natar Sikka (Traditional Village, Old Portuguese Church,
  • Watublapi (Traditional Ikat Textile Center)
  • Geliting (Traditional Market)
  • Nilo (Religious -Catholic Site)
  • Koka Beach
  • Wuring (Fisherman Site)
  • Ledalero (Blikon Blewut Anthropological Museum )
  • Paga (Beach and sightseing)
  • Maumere Bay (Snorkeling and Diving)


Highlight Destination

  • Lewokluo (Ikat Weaving)
  • Leworahang (Traditional village, Ikat Weaving)
  • Big Friday Procession (In Larantuka on Easter Time. Annually)