Experience Flores In 6 days / 5 nights

This trip advice start from Maumere. Reverse the trip if you start from Labuan Bajo. Any alterations may occur. Follow this link for reverse trip and other ultimate trip advice.


Route : Maumere – Paga -Moni (Overnight in Moni)

Opt.1 Direct from Airport to Moni

Itinerarry Details

An airport pick up from the driver/guide right to the hotel in Moni. Depend on arrival time, your experience from Maumere to Moni might different. If your arrival time in the morning, please look at the second option.

Opt. 2 From Maumere to Moni

Itinerary details :

From your hotel lets begin with Alok Market Center. Blown your mind with a scenery of people trading and buying, various market stand and many exotic stuffs. Extend your experience to Wuring, 2 km from central market. Beside the building on the water that makes unique, people who live in this place is not a native Flores. They have a wonderful lifestyle who live their life as fisherman and trader. Visit their Mosque on the water if you curious about Muslim religious life on the island with more than 90% inhabitants are Catholic.

Next is Nilo. A place to authenticate Florenese Religious life. A huge statue of St. Mary is a monument to show the world how vital the devotion to St. Mary in Catholic Church. A track for Way Of The Cross devotion sweep from the Mary statue to other higher peak with a big Iron Cross. A view to Maumere town just spectacular from the hills.

Down there, the next spot is Bikon Blewut Museum. This archeological museum is running by a Congregation of Catholic Priest, SVD (Societas Verbi Divini) provide information about Flores in various artifacts. With the Philosophy and Theology College in the same area, apparently a scientific information about Flores just landed in the right place.

Its not an ultimate trip if not visit Sikka and Lela. Located in the south coast of Sikka Regency – Maumere, a legacy of Catholic history proven by its old church and the remains of Portuguese influenced nailed on peoples names. Find some Portuguese name and prove it here! Your homework 🙂

Lucky, Portuguese didn’t take everything 🙂 Their clothes, the ikat weaving. Usually in some specific day or by request, Sikkanesse will do some Ikat Weaving Demonstration. Fulfill your curiosity of a way to produce a beautiful fabric in a remarkable way. Lot of Ikat Fabric available as souveniers. Honestly I’m learning to make ikat even though making an ikat its a women job 😉

Time to chill out. Lunch in Paga, right on the beach with huge grey sands and brave wave sometimes. Dont think about fancy place. Its a place you dream about entire your life.

Next. Lets Into the….! I keep it for myself. My favorite place…..before Moni


Route : Moni -Kelimutu -Moni -Ende -Mbay -Riung (Overnight in Riung)

Itinerarry Details

If the sunrise became your other priority to witness beside the stunning of three colors crater lake at the summit of Kelimutu Volcano, leaving early in the morning is a must. Included  the list of Indonesia National Park, Kelimutu area provide rich diversity of botanical world. Elevate your knowledge with beautiful flora and fauna on your way back to Moni. Since this trip will take appx. 100 km, having breakfast around 7.30 to 8.00 would be an ideal time. But this is a happy trip, better discuss with your driver/guide for a more convenient breakfast experience.Personally, I prefer a calm breakfast 🙂

Way to Ende is a chain of beautiful scenery’s with the mountains and valley landscape. Local villages spread by the streets and friendly inhabitants that (still) wave at you with smile from ear to ear. Make sure your camera enough power. 

Lunch time : in Ende, the town in the south coast of Flores Island.

Next spot is Panggajawa Stone Beach, west part after Ende, on your way to Riung or Bajawa. Not just stone, but blue stone, the precious one. Those beautiful stones was exported to Japan and by coincidence someone told me a story that those stone found in any hotels in Europe. Here, a direct view of thousand blue stones spread on the beach. Time to experience stones and continue to Mbay. From Mbay to Riung is other side of Flores, prairies awaiting.


Route : Riung – 17 Islands – Riung (Overnight Riung)

Itinerary Details

The highlight to experience Riung are snorkeling among beautiful 17 island, visiting flying fox family (its thousands apparently) and chill out on the beach with fresh seafood BBQ. What a beautiful life!


Route : Riung – Bajawa (Overnight Bajawa)

Itinerary Details

Of course, a breakfast is necessary before off to Bajawa. Giant Jacuzzi Experience in Soa Hotspring. Just  25 km to  Bajawa. Finally, relax in hotel.

Still have time? Love extra trip? Place you may like to visit : Ogi Waterfall and Wawomuda Volcano.You might need a  gear scooter. We recommend to use local guide to go to those places.

Don’t forget to enjoy Kopi Flores before leaving Bajawa. Coffee beans from Bajawa is one of the export quality coffee in Indonesia. There is some cafes with many tourist visitors. If you want a little out of track, visit Mai Dia Cafe, close to Mater Boni Concili Church, in Tanalodu. Its runs by Agriculture Departement from Local Goverment. The visitors mostly locals, obvious with their genuine way of hung out.

Day 5

Route : Bajawa – Ruteng (Overnight Ruteng)

A glimpse of ancient Flores (Bajawa Particularly) can be mirrored on their heritage. Going deep into a breathtaking traditional village formation, fit together with beautiful old architectures, megaliths,Mount Inerie view and surely, locals, are what Bena Village offers us.

Still, in relating with people, stopping in Aimere is other choice to witness the recent struggle of locals to economize palm liquor (Red: Arak, an alcoholic drink from palm) with traditional distillation. Reveal the value of this drink in Florenese social and culture life.

Time for nature, again. Enjoy the view, water, flora and fauna in Rana Mese Lake  … km before Ruteng while in Ruteng itself, a traditional village, Ruteng Pu’u will enrich your experience with a new view of diversity of Florenese culture and architecture. 


Route : Ruteng – Labuan Bajo (End Trip)

Undeniable the charm on this route is a breathtaking circle design of Rice Field. Enjoy this human creation in Cancar and some other place on your way to Labuan Bajo.

Todo, a traditional village near Ruteng.Dig deep Manggarains culture on their tradition and brilliant songket (Red: fabric waving method) masterpiece.

How’s Homo Floresiensis like? Their record was found in Manggarai. Enrich your knowledge about native inhabitants in the past, and look around their “home” in Liang Bua.

TOUR RATEIDR 700.000-750.000/day  (Rate based on average one day tour with a car max. 4-6 person)

Included : Private Driver and Petrol


  1. Flight Tickets

  2. Accomodation

  3. Personal Expenses

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